Screen Shots & notes: Trying to add PHP to WordPress

Screen Shots: trying to add PHP to WordPress

So I have been all over the web learning about the differences between WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Starting from nowhere in a short time I have picked up a huge chunk of big picture. I’ve completely redone this blog. Below is a screen shot of what this site looked like right after I added my other blogs to it but before I reconfigured the look.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 7.56.25 PM

Prior to merging the other blogs onto this, it did not have the archives and it ended with about 4 basic pages, all of which were September 2012. I have just added RSS, or at least I see where and how to do that. I have added four entire large blogs with a full archive of cello events and gaming session notes dating back to 2004.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 9.51.31 PM

I have played with code. I have struggled with FileZilla, which I suppose makes sense as the way to plug in the plug ins, but somehow I thought it would be right there in WordPress, where I looked so long and hard for Plug-Ins. While looking there I discovered Widgets. Previously I had no idea about most if not all of this stuff, what was where or how most if not all of it worked. I found the audio player which I might come back and add later…


Merging Blogs

So today I brought over (into this WordPress blog) my previous blogs from Blogger. Most of the entries are about D&D and playing the cello. The truth is that D&D and even playing the cello are not how I spend most of my time, but they were two separate, fairly focused blogs and off and on, I was pretty good about blogging after game sessions and gigs. Funny how when you read it here it ends up looking like I’m a ridiculously fanatical gamer and cellist (well, maybe a little fanatical.) Hey, everybody needs a hobby. Or two.

Now, what had been a tiny little WordPress blog with just a couple of short entries is gigantic by comparison to what it was before.

One thing that’s interesting is that when I put them all together here I can see that (for example) there were weekends where I had a game session and a gig within a short time of each other. Everything is organized chronologically now. Nowhere else but here on this WordPress blog do I have Cellodad and D&D lumped together; they are very very different things, each of which I happen to have been doing for a long time.

Another note, in case you’re wondering why there are more D&D entries than Cellodad entries: My cello gig notes are mainly just a journal for me to keep track of what people request, what I have been playing and how things went, etc. So for that I can blog or not blog about gigs, depending on time and my mood. On the other hand, my gaming blog is a way for players who might miss a game session or two to be able to catch up with the story as we go and it works very nicely that way — so long as I promptly blog while I remember what happened during that game. I find it difficult not to read my old entries over and over, replaying some fun times.

Oh, me.

Recent Awards

I suppose this is as good a place as any to mention that this year I won two (2) first place (1st) WNPA advertising awards, one for Humor and one for Youth this time. Although I’ve won other awards it’s rare and difficult to win a 1st, and winning multiples does not happen often. I would like to thank the Journal’s Graphic Designer, Will Adams and my customer, Olsen’s Furniture for their roles in helping to make this happen.

Dave Pierik aka Cellodad

Websites websites everywhere! I was looking again today at how many different blogs and websites I’ve posted and it is kind of astonishing how over the years how easily one person can end up with half a dozen or more personal websites. I’m going to put some links here, on yet another one.

I suppose there are no limits on what a person could do, especially since there are so many ways to make sites and blogs for free. Why not have a site or blog for every hobby?


Pandora – Tangerine Dream Radio

My favorite music while I study is something non-distracting, preferably with no lyrics. When I’m driving I listen to pop, alternative, talk radio or sometimes jazz or classical. But when I need to concentrate, I listen to a lot of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, that kind of thing. A lot of people are into it now but I was what you might call an early adaptor, I have this stuff on vinyl from back in the day.